If you are reading this webcamming guide, then you are interested in trying to work for yourself (without a studio) and I will try to help you figure it out.

If you have already come across the concept of a webcam model, then you probably think that there is nothing without undressing and porn. This is not entirely true. But you have the right to choose what you like best. I am personally against any pornography, so I will teach you how to make money beautifully, erotically, without shameful things. And it’s quite real, believe me. There is a lot of free porn on the net.

You are an individual and a person.

The most important thing now is NOT to register on the sites, tk. on many sites new models are given the first week with promotion like NEW model. This period should not be missed. Better read this guide to the end, get ready and start on full alert.

General rules on sites.

On sites, there are models (models) that broadcast themselves (broadcasting or streaming), money is tokens that members (members) throw to models. The idea is simple: to awaken the desire of the member to throw you more Tokets. Tokens are converted twice a month into US dollars at their own internal rate. Each site has a different course

Sign up

So, in order to register on sites (on any of them), you need to throw off your passport photo (on the page where your photo and date of birth to confirm your age). Only registered for broadcasts from 18 years old. There is nothing wrong with that, no one will merge your data anywhere. In general, in Europe, and even more so in America, the webcam model is a normal job.

Americans annually organize exhibitions, give out awards and in every possible way encourage and develop this industry.


The minimum set is a computer and the Internet. If the computer is family, then create a separate user for yourself. In this case, no one will see your settings, settings and browser with history.

You can work with minimal sets, but the quality of the picture may not be very good, and the ranking on the site page and tips depend on this (everyone loves good image quality), although it’s worth a try.

The average set is a good computer (gaming), a webcam and a toy. A toy is a vibrator that vibrates from a tip.

The professional set is an average set plus good lighting and a beautiful interior. This is all good, of course, but we don’t need it. Usually daylight and normal interior is enough.

The essence of the work

Earlier, 10 years ago, webcam was based on the undressing of a model. Well, what else to pay for? The member (male) wants to see a part of the body or wants the model to do something, he throws a tip. Boredom, but it might work now.

Progress in this industry does not stand still and everything develops. Models now use different interactive toys that vibrate with tips.

The higher the tip, the stronger the vibration. This is our tool of labor))). By means of a toy, the member kind of touches you, this is the idea. If a member wants to touch, he types a few tokens, if he likes you and wants to please you, he types a lot. And it is not necessary to be undressed at this moment.

There is also such a thing as private. This is when a member tells you to retire, and then you get paid by the minute. It is advisable to ask on the shore what is expected of you. If you are not satisfied with this alignment, you can not go to private. Sometimes privates last an hour. Many people out there like to talk to you in private. In short, it’s all fun))

Working hours

It doesn’t matter what time you are online. At any time of the day or night, one half of the globe is asleep and the other is awake, and vice versa. That is, people on the sites are around the clock, both models and members. The main thing is to devote to this for several hours in a row, the more the better. Websites rank better for those who are online longer and those who have activity

Our offer

In general, if you like this, then I have a suggestion for you:

I can teach you how to make good money, you can become my student and have support from me on any questions in the chat in telegrams.

I also wrote a complete technical guide for installing all the equipment, necessary programs, connecting interactive toys, because It’s almost impossible to figure it out on my own, but I don’t want to ask my acquaintances in such a delicate matter.

What you should do first of all?

First you need to prepare for work, order a toy (by clicking on the link) and wait until it comes to you. The most popular is Lush (no matter what generation). This must be done before registering on sites, so as not to lose a week of free promotion on sites.

Also order a bluetooth adapter for this toy. Without it, the vibrator will not respond to tokens. It will be offered by the site as a set for the toy.

If possible, it is better to buy another Domi or any other that you like.

When you receive the toy, send me a direct message on Instagram


And I’ll throw you a technical guide with all the links and instructions

After registering using the links from the guide, you will have my support, forever.

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